Yuri is a young human girl, whom is only seen in Episode 14. Due to this, much is know about her. During episode 14 she was under the influence of the Like character. While under it she picks up Duran and Hak both ran away from their respective teams. When Jahara found Hak and Duran, Yuri showed up and upon seeing Jahara immeadietly idolized her. She clung to her, happy she found an idol though leaving Jahara uncomfortable. Jahara soon found out about the tai chi card that was on her and canceled it out with her own card. She was then freed leaving her confused as where she was. Later the Chasers go to Yuri's house to see if she's ok after her. When Sena questions Yuri about where the card came from Yuri claims she doesn't remember.


Since she's only in one episode not much is known. However Yuri does seem to take a great care in raising Hak and Duran which hints she always wanted a pet. However she seems to be a reptile fan raher than a cat fan seeing as how she claimed she doesn't like cats and that she did offer to take care of Duran if the Dragonoids ever needed someone to watch him.