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First Appearance

Episode 21

Yanima is one of the character in the Dragonoid race. He is also one of the members of the Dragon Assault Squad. His voice actor is Jason Griffith in the 4kids dub.

He wields (choong) the bug tai chi.


Yanima is the second tallest member in the group. He has yellow colored eyes and long brown hair. Like the rest of his teammates he wears a black turtleneck shirt under his blue armor, blue and grey pants, blue kneepads, and a walkie talkie on his right ear.

When he tranform
Yanima 2

Yanima in his Dragonoid state.

s into his Dragonoid state, his eyes gets more narrow, his hair strikes out, and he has scales on his face.


Yanima is one of the quick thinkers of the group. Like Luka, he is able to sense things before they happen. He sometimes talk slang like Jakata, but he tends to stick to the mission. He knows when to joke and when to stay serious (such as when he said to Jakata to finish the Chasers off).


Along with his teammates Yanima was sent by the emperor to replace th

Yanima turned into a doll after defeat

e Dragonoid soldiers who worked for General Vicious before Mischka took over. When he met Mischka, he was silent until he told Mischka his team would be right back after finding Terra. When he was on his first mission in the series, he battled with Finn. At the end, he was seen eating with his teammates.

His next appearence was when the Chasers and the other Tigeroid warriors were attacking the Luftdrake. When Finn went past the lightning to get to the power station, he surprised him telling him that he wasn't crashed like the others. Finn and Yanima were determined to beat each other this time, and Finn won. After defeat, Yanima mentions that Finn is just like him before he strangely transforms into a doll.

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