"Anti Shaft Geek Girl Phoebe! With the help of the old dynasty has sent care of the door Taeguek to prevent the help from Hak to find the king of the island of the spirits. Meanwhile the heads of the dragonoids has sent a search group to find Jakata which was to assist the search team or he will became a doll but he refused because he wants to get revenge and decided to find it's own way. And on the island of the spirits appears Phoebe a dragonoid girl with the Fa Flower character. Leaving a warning from her tutor saying that they should get now for the future and not let it go away. Phoebe leaves and Rai goes after her wanting to know were's the Tai Chi King but he's suddendly attacked a group of monsters. Then Phoebe appears and the monsters became docile as pets and they started to obey Phoebe. Currently the animals were nice but the things were changing. Lately Rai discovers that Phoebe has his activator.The forest fires on the other side of the island concern Phoebe for her animal friends and Rai starts worrying about his teammates and follows Phoebe. Suddendly went both are in the forest they find entirely vegenful Jakata.

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