• ReshiramArc1255

    I just saw on Wikipedia that "Tai Chi Chasers" will return on Nicktoons in May of this year! Can this be true? I haven't seen a commercial for it yet

    What do you guys say? True or False?

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  • ReshiramArc1255

    You wanted to see a sequel to my "Tai Chi Chasers - Letter From The Heart"? Well, here it is:

    Tai Chi Chasers: Blessings 

    In a small little town, Rai’s hometown to be exact, is where our story begins. It is roughly ten years after Rai’s great adventure to secure peace between the Dragonoids and the Tigeroids. And in that time, Rai had finally worked up the nerve to propose to the girl who’s been at his side since the start, Sena. We find Rai in the downstairs living room, working hard on what appeared to be a baby cradle. Helping him was the likes of his other Tigeroid friends, Finn and Donha.

    “Phew. There we go guys. I think its all done.” Rai said, wiping sweat from his forehead. The three boys looked on at the cradle as Donha gave it a tes…

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