• AlTheRipper

    I was reading the comments in Franzyfan1998's blog and saw one about a manga adaption, and another about how it should not die in English. It inspired me to think of an idea!

    I believe that, once we have a basic script- my Korean friend Amanda should be able to help me with that- we could fan dub the episodes ourselves. I know it's not as good as an official dub, but it could do a few main things-

    Firstly, it could bring us together as both a fandom and people.

    Secondly, it could help people who want to watch English episodes from after the dub expired.

    Lastly, if it gets enough recognition, they may actually decide to keep going with the official dub.

    However, I will not' likely' be able to consistently participate for the next year and five month…

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  • AlTheRipper

    I really think we should work on subtitling Korean Tai Chi Chasers episodes that were not dubbed in English. There are enough South Korean people in America who speak English that could do this. And I think we should get them to. Subtitling an epsiode is not very hard, and I've noticed that this wiki has people who have watched the Korean episodes and have speculated what was going on (such as Phoebe's page).

    How could you know that Phoebe is 13, and even that her name is Phoebe, if you can't speak Korean? I myself am working on acomplishing the subtitling of episodes- but I can't do it myself. If you truly love this series, or at least want to know how it ends, you will put an effort forward to help.

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