Dragonoid warrior, Dragonoid Assault Squad member




Lord Gherba (creator/father), the rest of the Dragonoid Assault Squad (siblings) Finn (little brother), Rai (older brother), Laura (stepmom)


Dragonoid Assault Squad





First Appearance

Episode 21

Terra is one of the antagonists in Tai Chi Chasers. She is one of the members of the Dragon Assault Squad.

She wields Hyung, the thorns tai chi.


Terra is a

Terra using her tai chi.

young girl with pinkish orange hair that is tied up in two ponytails. She also wears a uniform like the others that consists of a blueish gray amor with a dragon symbol and a walkie talkie on her right ear. Like the others, she also wears a black turtle neck shirt under her armor. Unlike the others, instead of wearing pants, she wears a skirt. She also wears long white socks that go over her knees. Like all other Dragonoids, she has scales on her face when she transforms to her dragonoid state.


Terra is mostly a happy, perky girl who tends to be into other business. She sometimes is judgemental, such as when she first saw Sena, she thought she was a "stuck-up princess".


She was first seen in the s
Terra meets Luka

Terra meets Luka.

eries interrupting Luka as he was gazing out the balcony. At that time she was all perky and happy. She told him that she was one of Luka's biggest fans, as she shook his hand. After that, she started jumping around, squealing, until Jakata called her in.
Terra and Sena's talk fight

Terra arguing with Sena.

Later when the Dragon Assault Squad meet the Chasers, she comments that she did not like Sena. She pushed Sena's limits so hard that Sena wanted revenge. When the teams broke up, her opponent was Sena. Instead of physically fighting, they had a "talk" fight instead. Later we see Sena unconcious, which meant that she had beaten her somehow. At the end, she was seen with the rest of her teammates having a picnic.

In the next episode, Terra was seen behind Yakata, encouraging the Dragonoids most "dreamiest" warriors to battle. When Luka refused she whined about why he wasn't going to battle with Jakata.

Later, wh

Terra turned into a doll after defeat.

en Dag and Jakata were assigned to steal the Tigeroid's Tai Chi characters, Terra and her teammate Lita was assigned to shoot down the Chasers' airship. Terra was the one who wanted to encouraged the Chasers to battle while Lita wanted to lay back. Eventually, they had a battle against Sena and Donha as Finn and Rai went on and lost. As they lost, Terra and Lita strangley turned into dolls (same as Yanima and later Dag).

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