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Searching For A Sign is the English dub theme song for the series Tai Chi Chasers on 4Kids Toonzai block. Its a
Tai Chi Chasers - English Opening01:10

Tai Chi Chasers - English Opening

rtist is Michele Dunn.

Other Theme Songs

The series has also been dubbed in other countries and so far has been dubbed in Hebrew and Cantonese, along with English.

Tai Chi Chasers Opening01:06

Tai Chi Chasers Opening

Korean OP

Korean OP English Tranlations

Construction of sky and Earth.

A dark sky is illuminated.

Born in the harsh land where is life!

Sword of sky, press down the yellow ground cloth!

The universe- Hong Huang!

It is impossible to know the end of the Universe.

It is time for all, but in his.

Hong Huang house is rough!

The universe works in the world.

Cheonjamun found in

Index of Characters.

Taeguek Choenjamun.

And not like floating and raising.

Like a flower blooming and the defendant.

With the counsel of Lee Jae-ho, Par Papa.

Because a winner it's not admit.

Teaguek Cheonjamun!

Jade 《太極千字文》OP (粵語 Cantonese)01:05

Jade 《太極千字文》OP (粵語 Cantonese)

Cantonese (Chinese) OP

Cantonese OP English Translations

From the beginning to the open end

As the lives of four images and rotating universe,

They been sky and earth- 100 call.

Put in the world of thousands of feet of a thousands of lifetimes.

This brake is the beginning to see the five elements.

Deathmatch will be activated at anytime desperately.

Light and shadows rushed

Both monsters go back

Most black and white opposites.

With the strange symbolic functioning

Band of Willing safe haven to the synchronization

Flip text through Once Upon a Time.

Faith only need to say

Idea highlighting the Ganges River can be seen

The movement like Tai Chi pernament.

This call is the sign of the world.

Align the accumilation area of a thousand lifetimes.

Tai Chi Chasers - Hebrew Opening01:10

Tai Chi Chasers - Hebrew Opening

Hebrew OP

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