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Lord Gherba (creator/father), rest of the assault squad (siblings), Rai (older brother), Finn (younger brother), Laura (stepmom)


Dragonoid Assault Squad





First Appearance

Episode 21

Lita is one of the people of the Dragonoid race. She is also one of the members of the Dragonoid Assault Squad.

She wields (tan), the shell tai chi.


Lita is a girl with long black hair and brown eyes. She is the second shortest in the group. Like all the other member in her group, she wears a uniform that consists of a blueish gray dragon armor, a black skirt, black and gray leggings, and a walkie talkie.

When she tranforms into her Dragonoid form she grows scales on her face.


Lita is

Lita using her tai chi.

a hard worker. She always makes sure her mission is done and completed. She does not like to battle much (such as when she said to Terra to not to encourage the Chasers to fight) and when she does battle she hates losing. So far she has been one of the two members in the group that always work in pairs (the other member is Dag ). She also tends to gossip as evident when she listened in on Garnia's attempt to cheer Luka up and later reported it to Jakata.


Along with her temmates, Lita was sent by the emperor to replace the original Dragonoids. She did not talk much when she met Mishcka. She just did what Jakata told her to.

Later, when she met the Chasers she battled along with Dag against Tori and Donha. It seemed that she can resist a direct attack, such as when Tori used a direct attack on her.

She met up with the other members later, where she said she almost felt sorry for the Tigeroids. She was clobbered by Rai later when she was attacked along with Jakata. She was seen last having a picnic with her teammates.

Lita turned into a doll after Sena and Donha defeating her.

On a mission to get the Tigeroid's tai chi characters, she was assigned to shoot down the Chasers' airship after General Mischa saving her from Ye (Movement) character. She wasn't in the mood to battle the Chasers though, but she battled anyway. She used her shell tai chi to combine with Terra's thorns tai chi, which eventually made a deep hole in the floor. She thought they have defeated Sena and Donha. To her suprise, Sena and Donha did a sneak attack on her and Terra causing her to fail. Strangely like the others, she has turned into a doll herself.

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