General Zushen
G. Zushen




Tigeroid General






Tigeroids, Tai Chi Chasers





First Appearance

Episode 21

General Zushen is one of the characters in the Tai Chi Chasers. He is also one of the major generals in the Tigeroid race. His voice actor in the 4kids dub is Mike Pollock.


General Zuc

Zushen as a Tigeroid.

hen wears a uniform that is a type of armor (similar to General Aidan). Instead of his armor being red, it is light brown. He has dark grey hair that is spiked, and facial hair.

He has tiger stripes on his face when he tranforms into a Tigeroid.


General Zushen is a happy person, making people smile. He also enjoys a good party when he is at one. When the alarm blares, he is always on the move, instucting is wariors to the ship. He always sticks to the mission and has good leadership skills.


General Zushen first appeared when Rai said he wanted to see the Tai Chi Storage Cha

Zushen's conversation with Rai.

mber. He greeted Rai with a friendly smile, and told him that he was expecting a "hot-shot rookie". After greeting Rai, Zushen suggests they go party. At the party, Zushen explained to Rai that Asty and her sisters told him about how Rai wrecked an army of robots, Zushen had to meet Rai himself. When the alarm blared General Zushen directed his troops to the ship as they left the base.

On their mission they spotted an injured airship, and came to aid it. But when he went over the Dragon Assault Squad attacked his ship, causing his team to fall. Luckily, Rai and the Chasers arrived and loaded them in their airship to take them back to the base.

Later, on his mission to attack the Luftdrake, he was seen instructing the warriors. He was surprised when attacks came out of nowhwere and hit the airships. When there were barely any ships left, he crashes into the Dragon Assault Squad, telling the them Tigeroids will survive.

When Rai was imprisoned for being believed to be a draganoid spy, Zushen and Hannah visited Rai at his cell and told him that they didn't believe he was a spy. He also informed Rai that he was half draganoid, which is why he could use draganoid tai chi symbols.

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