The next few days didn't go so well. Everyday Sena went to see if Finn was feeling okay in the morning but he would moan gently in bed and make her worry. But Sena always said that he would feel better soon. Now she was starting to doubt those words as Finn grew worse every day. Every day she brushed his hair to make sure it wasn't tangled and gather herbs for remedies. Sena and the other chasers including Sena's family were trying to persuade Finn to call King Valtor so he could take care of him but Finn kept saying no because he knew his father had more important things to do than to take of him. Even though Sena wanted to call King Valtor she didn't despite the team's protests. Tori told jokes that made Finn give him a few weak smiles now and then. Donha gave Finn food whenever he wanted it which was rarely since Finn only asked for water. Also Donha carried Finn to the living couch every afternoon so that Finn could talk to the team and be cheered up by guests who came to see him except for his father. Rai put a space heater in Finn's room and gave Finn extra pillows and blankets to make him warm making Finn to feel grateful whenever he did that. Komorka told Finn stories about the tigeriods and they're pasts with the dragoniods and performed healing rituals to heal Finn but with no avail. Finn's pokemon watched over him to keep him company and to send messages to the team about how Finn was feeling and to send messages to Finn to keep him posted about the team. Asty tried to cheer up Sena along with Cloda and Straw and help her brew herbal remedies for Finn whenever they got the chance to visit. Hannah whom visit once a week with General Aidan worked with her father to play and take care of Finn's pokemon while he was in bed. Elder Sid and Pyron worked together to make a shield to protect Finn from the dragoniods. Even Hak slept on Finn's legs during the night to make his feet warm. Also because he loved to sleep in Finn's room. It seemed like a giant shadow of darkness has been cast over the tigeriods.


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