Achoo! *coughs* Sorry about that I’m in the hospital with the flu right now. Hey guys it’s been a long time. I got this amazing idea and I promised KazarinaIceAngle15 I’d post this soon. I adore this couple and I couldn’t wait any longer than this. This story is about Finn getting extremely sick. In this story Finn and Sena are boyfriend and girlfriend. Also Rai might actually care about Finn’s health. Also Finn has 2 fire-type Pokémon Victini and Torchic and Sena might have a few as well.


It was a peaceful autumn day in the tigeriod airship as Sena finished brushing her teeth hoping that her secret boyfriend Finn was already making breakfast for the team since he was always the first one to wake up every morning. She and Finn had met when they were kids after the dragoniods attacked and when Finn’s father King Valtor offered her family a place to stay. Only Sena knew about Finn’s personal life and his full name which was Prince Finelia. They used to spend so much time together that their father’s would joke that they were a couple which only got them mad until the kingdom was attacked and Finn was forced to live without his father and to get used to his mother’s death and his twin sister’s Brianna’s disappearance. Sena also knew Finn was a sickly child and whenever he got sick she always healed him. Now Sena and Finn were trying to hide their relationship so that no one would tease them. The rule was the first ones who wake up have to make breakfast for the team. But Sena didn’t mind. Finn was an amazing cook even though he used ingredients that were healthy for the team since he was obsessed about eating right and being healthy every day. But once Sena got to the kitchen to get her morning kiss from Finn, he wasn’t there.

That’s odd Finn’s always here before anyone else. Where is he?

A few minutes passed and by that time the rest of the team had entered and are surprised by Finn not being there and Sena was getting more worried. Even Finn’s childhood Pokémon Victini and Torchic were also there. Soon breakfast was over and Sena decided to give Finn his breakfast in bed. Quickly she put a bowl of fruit salad, a few carrot sticks and a glass of orange juice on a tray. Quietly she went to Finn’s room.

Inside of the room was the usual. A desk, a chair, a chest of drawers, a mirror, a brush and a bed with 2 bedside tables. But in Finn’s room there was also a closet that had his formal clothing when his father came to visit once a month and a chest where he kept his photo albums when he was a prince. On the left side table there was a jug of water, a glass and about 9-10 medication bottles full of tablets. Since Finn was a sickly child he had to take a lot of medications to maintain his health. The right side table was bare. Finn was sleeping on the bed with a black furry blanket up to his chin with his long hair fanned out on the pillow. Gently Sena put the tray on the right side table. Hearing the soft noise Finn moaned in his sleep his face getting paler. Immediately Sena was scared.

Could Finn be sick again? Oh no!

Gently Sena felt his pulse. That’s when she realized that Finn’s heart was getting weaker than usual. Feeling the soft touch in his chest Finn opened his eyes and tried to sit up in bed revealing his nightgown and pants underneath it. Noticing Finn’s awakening Sena forced herself to smile at him. After all he was her boyfriend.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” Sena said as she kissed his cheek making him give her a weak smile.

“Good morning Sen-,” Finn’s voice was cut off as he let out of fit of coughing.

“Finn are you okay. You heart is weak,” Sena said worried as she looked through a bedside table and got a thermometer. Immediately she put it into Finn’s mouth. A few minutes passed and Sena checked his temperature.

“Finn you have a 120 degree fever. You need to stay in bed and try to get some sleep,” Sena said as she put the tray with Finn’s breakfast on his lap. Finn stared at it for a while and gently he pushed it away from him.

“Sena I don’t have an appetite to eat,” Finn said his voice getting weaker and he let out another fit of coughing but this time he was clutching his heart.

“But Finn you have to eat something and is there something wrong with your heart,” Sena said was she held his hand.

“I’m not sure but I promise I’ll stay in bed until I’m better,” Finn said as his coughing grew worse by the minute.

“Do you want me to call your father,” Sena asked worried because Finn usually asked Sena to call his father every time he got sick and Sena was thinking about calling him because Finn’s illness was looking serious.

“No. He’s already upset about mother being dead. I don’t want him to worry about his youngest child and only son dying,” Finn said he laid back down on his pillow.

“Okay but until you say so the team and I will take care of you,” Sena said as she put the tray back on the side table just in case Finn would get hungry later on.

“Okay,” Finn said as Sena kissed his cheek again.

“I love you Finn,” Sena said tearfully as she hugged him.

“I love you too. Don’t cry,” Finn said as he fell into a deep sleep. Soon after Sena kissed his forehead which was hot from the illness and put the blanket to his chin she went to the kitchen worried about how will the team would react. Especially Victini and Torchic since they were Finn’s Pokémon from the start.

Finn please okay. Fight for your life.


Finally I’m done. Chapter 2 is coming up soon and please let me know who you are when you review and please review. Achoo! Grrr Poor Finn.

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