Elder Pyron












Dragonoids, Rai (Prove that he's a Dragonoid Spy, Episode 26), Elder Sid (Season 3)



First Appearance

Episode 23

Elder Pyron is one of the major characters in Tai Chi Chasers. He is one of the Three Great Elders of the Tigeroid race, along with Elder Komorka and Elder Sid.


Elder Pyron is show as an old man with a long moustashe and a long beard. He wears a red and pale yellow cloak with a dark brown outlining. Like Komorka and Sid, he carries a staff with him at all times. He is the tallest of the three Elders.


Elder Pryon seems to have a mean, stirct personality and he always seems to be serious (based on the fact when the Elders and Generals were decided what to do for Rai's punishment). He always seems to be mad or uneasy. He is also willing to punish anyone who help the Dragonoid as seen when he found out that the Chasers have helped Rai.


Elder Pyron is first seen at the sages conference with Elder Sid and Komorka, coming to the decision to attack the draganoid base for the remaining tai chi symbols.

When Rai was put on trial for being a spy, Pyron was the most adament about dealing with him, seeing his very existance as a hybrid of both tigeroid and draganoid going against the natural law. Because of Komorka and General Aidan there was a vote to decide Rai's punishment. Elder Pryon Side won the vote so Rai was sentenced to punishment, Rai managed to escape and was aided by the chasers, Pyron ordered that all of them be arrested. When he attempted to personally capture the chasers, Komorka convinced him to stop going after the chasers so the Chaser to go after General Meeskah to after the tigeroid tai chi characters.

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