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First Appearance

Episode 1

Duran is one of the main Dragonoid characters of Tai Chi Chasers, fufilling the same role for the antagonists as Hak does for the Chasers. At first, he is the right hand man by the side of General Vicious, but after General Mischa takes his place and starts torturing the others, he starts to change and sometimes helps the Chasers.

He and Hak are old friends, together before the current war began.


Duran is a small, floating purpleish dark dragon with bright yellow eyes, black eyebrows, crooked white Whiskers on his face (similar to the one on Vicious' face). He has a slender body with a light pale blue-green underbelly which goes from his chin to his tail, small legs and a tuff of light blue-white fur (kind of like Luka's hair but lighter) on his tail. On his head appears to be small antlers, or horns.


While alongside General Vicious, Duran couldn't help but be stuck up, cocky, bossy and annoying to the other Dragonoids. However, he begins showing signs of fear for the general after his job is in jepordy and he is taken away, replaced by Miskah.

After Mischa joins the ranks, Duran shows his true self, a clingy little dragon who automatically begins hanging around Jahara after they show signs of becoming friends. After she was removed from the group by Mischa, Duran was seen with Luka. Like Hak, he wishes for the war to end and for the Tigeroids and Dragonoids to be at peace again. He seems to act like a regular pet as shown in episode 19 when he was sleeping around Luka's neck. He's also sensitive as shown when Luka grabbed him by the neck. He does seem to like it when people are not angry (as shown in episode 19 when he told Luka to lighten up".


The first time Duran ever had a starring role was in episode 14, along with Hak. Like Hak, he didn't think he was very useful to the Dragonoids. In a flashback, it showed Mishka insulting him, calling him a useless reptile. He jumped ship and and went through a lot of city troubles. He later was rescued by Yuri, a young girl, who calls him "Blackie". Both Hak and Duran wanted Yuri to love them more, so they decided to impress her by running errands. On the way, Duran bumps into Jahara. As Jahara was trying to kill Hak, Duran defends him and tells her about their friendship. The Chasers appeared having a battle that sent Jahara and Duran flying back to the Dragonoid base. After Jahara has recieved her punishment from Mishka, Duran got mad at Mishka for punishing her for saving his life, but he is also happy that Jahara thinks he's her friend. After that Duran is seen hanging out with Jahara until her second punishment. He disappeared with Luka and Jahara at the LukeDrake.



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