The Dragonoids

The Dragonoids are a species of beings that make up the main antagonists (exception of Rai who is part Dragonoid, and Tigeroid, one of his parents, and Luka, Jahara, and Phoebe in Season 3) of Tai-Chi Chasers, who seek the powers of the Tai-Chi symbols. They currently are at war with the Tigeroid race to get them.

Later as the main Dragonoid team started to shrink, the emperor sent new warriors known as the Dragon Assault Squad.


All Drago
Dragonoid Robots

Dragonoid robots

noids can seem to grow dragon like scales on their bodies (which aren't as easy to spot as a Tigeroid's stripes). This also seems to make them more resistent to attacks. As mentioned by Garnia when he attacked Sena and Finn in the series premiere, the Dragonoid race seem to be cold blooded.

The Dragonoids also have robotic guards that follow their orders and commands.

Known Dragonoids

Dragon Assault Squad

The Dragon Assault Squad.

(† = has turned into a doll or has met tragic fate)

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