Dragon Assault Squad
The Dragon Assaut Squad is a group of young Dragonoids the emperor sent in for replacements. They are one of the top Dragonoid fighting forces. All of the members wear a uniform with a walkie talkie on their right ear.

Strangley whenever a member of the Dragonoid Assault Squad is defeated, they turn into a doll. This has been proven since four of the members have turned into a doll when defeated.

Known Members

(† = has turned into a doll)

  • Jakata (Captain)- Episode 21 - 37 (†)
  • Terra- Episode 21 - 23(†)
  • Yanima- Episode 21 - 23 (†)
  • Lita- Episode 21 - 23 (†)
  • Dag- Episode 21 - 25 (†)

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