Donha Jahara

Donha and Jahara

This page is for the supposed relationship between Donha and Jahara.


Donha's Hints

Episode 18

  • He was the one who brought Jahara to the Tigeroid Airship; it was his idea. Because of this, Rai has Donha become responsible of Jahara until they find a way to bring their memories back.
  • Donha tries to do laundry with Jahara. Even when Jahara makes a big mistake, Donha doesn't get mad about it, tries to show her how to do it, or he just fixes it himself.
  • He gave Jahara flowers, saying that they are very important to him because the fragrance helps him fall asleep when he can't.
  • Donha tries to protect Jahara when Ave is ordered to eliminate him and Jahara, and stands in front of her to take a blow.
  • When Jahara takes one last look at him, Donha is seen with wide eyes (cantonese, Irish, Italian/german and Korean Versions).

Episode 22

  • When Talking about the Dragonoids, Donha defends them saying Jahara helped them out, despite them having to be enemies.

Episode 24

  • Donha helped bring Jahara to fight the Hideous Card, although this led to Garnia'
    Donha Jahara

    Donha and Jahara

    s demise.

Jahara's Hint

Episode 18

  • She decides to go water Donha's flowers because they helped her sleep during the night; while watering them, she says that the flowers and Donha are similar because they both make her happy.
  • Jahara refuses to help Mischa because of what he did to Ave, in the irish and german/Italian version, she also smiles at Donha and tells him that he showed her the light and the true meaning of friendship and trust, something she pointed out that Mischa would never understand.
  • Before Leaving with Ave, Jahara takes one last look at Donha.

Episode 24

  • When Donha reminds about her time on the airship, she thinks about the time she spent with Donha and his flowers.

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