Activators are devices that are normally the only way to activate Tai Chi Cards, although Rai, Rai's Father, and Komorka have been seen using tai Chi cards without them. The Tigeroid Activators are red, and the Dragonoid ones are blue. It is known that the Tigeroid ones can activat Dragonoid cards as Rai can use the Wings and Army cards with them, although this could be just because he is also a Dragonoid.


Activators are round almost oval like machines. They have two known colors that take up the majority of them so far: Red and blue. They have a slot to swipe the Tai Chi Cards in.


ActivTORS ARE USED IN EVERY EPISODE SO FAR, JUST AS THE tAI cHI CARDS ARE AS THERE IS ALWAYS AT LEAST ONE POINT WHEN THEY ARE USED EVEN IF NOT NEEDED, like when rai, his father, or Komorka use them ( although Rai is the only one with the power to use tai chi cards without activators who has been seen using activators) They have a big role in episode 6, when they are shut down by garnia, although rai could have used his hidden powers to swipe the cards in, and still activate them since he doesn't need one in the first place, although this was before he could control his powers. ( he isn'y completely controling them yet, but he has more control of them right now.) It also plays a big role in episode 9, as hannah wanted rai's activator because it was meant for her ( sena explained to hannah, although probably due to opnly being a little kid she either didn't listen, didn't understand, or both.) They haven't played a huge role in any episode after that, although in episode 10 rai used cards without acivators and hannha mentioned rai's activator being her's in episodes 21 and 26, and rai used a card without an activatopr in episode 22, the Wings card to be specific, it wasn't mentioned as no one saw it but mischa, since he asaw the cards use through his seeing ball, and in the ones that hannah mentions it being hers,it wasn't that big of a role still.

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